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What guarantee do you offer?

The Team
posted this on February 11, 2010, 15:25

All products have a 1 year guarantee subject to fair wear and tear, apart from -


Racket strings - due to the nature of the game, are not guaranteed;

Cricket bats - in normal use, superficial face and edge marks along with slight surface cracking will occur. This is to be expected; it does not detract from the performance of the bat and may be ignored. Other damage, such as splitting of the toe as a result of hitting a yorker, or damage caused by a mis-timed shot (which happens to even the best player!) can more often than not be repaired and the repaired bat will continue to give excellent service.The bat should be returned to us after obtaining a returns number – we will evaluate the problem and assess the extent and viability of any work that may be necessary and make arrangements to have this carried out for you.

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